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summary of my travels

By , 2018. May 21. Monday 08:33

What makes the trip? Dependence of the Travel?

Hm long, but the answer is a thought-fiber cocoons after the evidence is that this is the life, the curiosity to explore  may arise from.

There is a type of man who would rather static and do not want to move from your comfort zone, do not want to inconvenience himself zsuppolni. I remember what used to be Herce-hurca was (yes, this is the right word) with my grandmother to start anywhere. Yes, the trip takes courage and motivation.  more coward the persons, less  bed they were sleeping in. – but what about beyond? Continue reading 'summary of my travels'»

(Magyar) Utazás és Isten élmény

By , 2015. June 22. Monday 07:58

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(Magyar) Fák a Rómain

By , 2012. September 28. Friday 06:04

Kirgiz reflexion

By , 2012. April 5. Thursday 22:34

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Sociaty versus induvidual

By , 2012. March 4. Sunday 17:07

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By , 2012. March 2. Friday 14:17

Recently i read an article (by cyberguru) about transhumanizm. I stopped at one of the statement mentioning that humans will go out to the space, finding other intelligent beings, etc..,I  started  thinking.. Oh Gosh, dont do that.. To take out humans with all our (unsolved) troubles, problems?  Instead of solving it HERE.  Humans always tend to wait the answers from outside, as science, God, politician, or Time will solve the problem.. etc…  BUT

If there will be a fortunate turn in our personal (social) development, understanding, mindset,  we would be more apropriate to take that out to the universe… But in that stage there will be nobody who wanted to leave this Planet. We would realize that: it is good here as it is HERE and NOW.

Then i translated to myself  to the language of sprituality: This would be a state of mind when we are happy; that is the paradise, the promised land etc.  So if it is ok here.. nobody wants to leave the planet, doesnt mutter here or there. Even more, if we start this development, understanding within ourself.. hm..



(Magyar) A járda visszavétele

By , 2012. February 20. Monday 06:31

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