What to pack for travel

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gabor vandorboy poloban

gabor vandorboy poloban

What to pack before you start to travel?

Rule number 1: be light, dont carry too many things! Try to be under 15 kg!



□  1 bigger, 60l backpack, 1 smaller backpack for daily use

□  Rain jacket

□  1-2 Socks and 3 underwear

□   Light jacket or sweater

□   3-4  – casual T shirts

□   1 long pants and shorts

□   Sandal, trekking (or sport) shoes

□   Hat against sun, sunglasses,

□   Umbrella, handkerchief

□ swim suit!

□ bed shit – against cold, hot, mosquitoes, and good for picknik as well.

– sleeping bag (if you are a bit out into the wild)


□    Passport, Driver’s license and make a photocopy of them

or keep it in your email box, just in case if your papers was stollen.

□ bank card, couple of 100 dollars (relatively new notes), money belt,

□   Travel guides, Area maps, gps

□ Dont forget your travel insurance!


□   sleeping matrace, tent (if you r camping)

□  small and big spoon, pocket knife, food box, cup or bottle

□  ear plug, lighter,



□   Camera and charger

□   Music player or eReader

□   Phone charger,

□  t-plug (for electricity), (head) torch


□   Travel-sized soap, small towel, small shampoo, small toothpaste, Toothbrush, Razor, cream etc.

□  Contact lenses (and liquide) or eyeglasses

□  sun cream,

□  mosquito net and repellent (though not too many mosquitoes usually)


□   Pain relievers (head-toothache)

□   small First aid kit

□   Prescription medications


□ some vitamins, energy bars (grape sugar),

□ we can buy on spot usually : dry fruits, fruits, nuts, cheese, chocholate, honey, jam, and salami, muezli bars, bread etc..

And first of all: bring your good mood, patience, curiosity,

and be fit, tolerant and some knowledge about the region you going to visit.


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  1. Zsolt says:

    Strandkendo ( tartalék törölközőnek, fejfedonek, raulni, rafekudni, tengerparton derék köré tekerve atoltozni…
    Néhány méter vékony, erős zsineg, (siklóernyős zsineg) teregetni, összekötni, cipőfűzőnek, felkotni…
    Iroeszkoz, szovegkiemelo.
    Fél literes pillepalack
    További jó utazást! 🙂

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