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who is this traveler?

By , 2012. October 1. Monday 11:05

ARS POETICA – Or the man facing you.

My name is Gabor Csonka. I am 40 year old and come from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. In the last 22 years I have traveled extensively and completely independently on as low a budget as possible, motivated to discover the real world and its peoples as long as possible. I planned my journey with a very small budget so that I was forced to face and overcome far more difficulties than the average traveler. I wanted to seek new challenges and resolve them with the assistance of the people I met. Independent, because I have no fixed plan other than to visit some area or culture, allowing the countryside to reveal itself and friendly people to give me a deeper insight into local life and customs. This wandering has taken me across 5 continents and 125 countries. Continue reading 'who is this traveler?'»

Interview with vandorboy

By , 2012. February 16. Thursday 19:12

Interview Q. From your CV we know you have visited more than 125 countries. Where did your love of travel come from?

R. Thanks to my parents we traveled a lot in the mountains and forests, but it was limited to the neighboring “friendly” socialist countries. Getting more independent from our parents and using the cheap socialist train tickets, with my friends I often hopped over toPragueorBerlinfor a weekend to walk, visit museums and exhibitions, eat and drink.

Q. Nowadays you are spending more time in South East Asia. Are you now used to being far away from your home country for longer periods?

R. To be far from home is not new to me as I finished my secondary school education in Continue reading 'Interview with vandorboy'»

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