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(Magyar) Pápua Új Guinea utazás programja

By , 2015. January 2. Friday 14:03

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West Papua

By , 2012. December 23. Sunday 13:46

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West Papua (indonesia)

By , 2008. April 5. Saturday 11:38

On the lands, of cannibals.

Papuas famous of their cannibalism, and fighting life stile. After fifteens as the missionaries arrived we know more about Baliem valley. Three balls culture, but still remote and unreachable part of the world. We flow fromJakarta, but on the airport we faced that we do not had seats, because did not confirmed our ticket which we had bought 2 days ago. It isAsia. Everything is possible, but Katrien made friendship with a boy working there so they corrected this “mistake” and other 2 people did not have place. Continue reading 'West Papua (indonesia)'»

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