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Well Assal aleykum from Kabul,

Well, Afghanistan is a very intense experience every estetre … every minute, and the croon of death around us .. Today my host – a Pashto reporter, radios colleagues, received a call that is: demonstration, houses gyujtanak up and shot. Also jumped into the car, head for the city. Operator sequences, as people rush to the hiradokban okay. Of course the police would not let me close by, so we tried kerulouton. The mosque is introduced into one of our people to see one of the victims, as blood is situated half-open eyes. This morning has been calculated, as was any other co. In such a dynamic food for events, whatever may be quux.

Later I learned that as a national cemetery, VMI was the conflict against the hazard, Paste and this clashed with the hazard, the police kierkezett, and protecting the pastukat hazarakat began to dissipate. Since there is no baton, handcuffs .. gumilovedek konnygaz’s not, it stays in the Kalashnikov. (I could cry after the October 23asok). The huge mosque quarrels, many people would instantly revenge .. but I think tomorrow’s History of the remains.

Then I saw bicost who wanted to go at the police, provoked them, because he knew that if shot down, then all hell breaks loose. You see here there is always the weapon of nearly everyone, but most of pastuknak.

Six in such a situation. Bamian quux happen. And they are able to die for nothing, or more precisely the principles of garden, the megszokasaikert, of course referring to the Koran. Sober dual eszbol just feel something is missing. Common sense and reason.

If a man sees smb actress or top down her panties, the high weeds, because someone will die. Or Not to shoot, or the guy that looked. Then of course, another family takes revenge. Then it difficult for Americans to create order, because everyone needs self-defense weapon, but in their eyes all potential armed resistance. Thus, the potential disarmament szovetsegesbol enemy is doing. Indeed, when the onset of residents, hazkutatnak, motoznak women .. and this is the biggest shame in afganoknal. C Salado koltoznmie next day to be a village, or a man with less suicidal, or potentially support Talib, who will take revenge quux foreigners. Of course, the allies can not afford to send a notice to that tomorrow night 8kor hazkutatunk .. because then we expect them lovesekkel, and our right to amend man has value.

Taliboknal not, then the heavens bray comes to life. 50 virgin and alkoholfolyo. Cause of walking per aknamezore to clear the way, and Allah akbarral die. Happily.

There was dead. There is no solution. (CSK, the Chinese, they are not sure szaroznanak human rights, the media mianyavajaval). But equally unanimous in killing anyone who thinks otherwise .. I attach clip to youtube and then a few .. The woman covered up from the dead, this one goes there armed, and shot in the head. That’s it. Human ignorance is dangerous.

I talked with many people already .. Everyone complains about the government gyengesegere, and West is slowly realizes that it does not work here, dictator is needed – just as the Taliban were a leirtanak without thinking everyone who thinks differently. I know it sounds harsh, but come and see and conquer.! Try to convince them. It is not that better vagjanak vegetables. People have learned to cut the millennia.

You need ellensegkepre. Because if someone is not the enemy of man. You can then understand why rob, fight .. if there is no external enemy, the tribal conflicts within the country they come, so you can be sure there is a neighbor who is angry and kill them. Deploy for fear the weight of the thing. Africa compared to this noodle.

And the problem is that the Karzai government is weak, vain tanacselnok Holiday, the government, the Taliban leader Deploy he says. They are afraid. And this double power of the worst in the nation, because if you stand next to the power, they paid tribute, the Taliban are friends that night and kill them. If the tenth talibokat support, the Government considered it to them. As the Mo center, the Turkish rule. Thus, the peasants of whatever is in power, but one must be strong, protect them, one having to surrender to SG. And then at least they are safe. Then the next question is what to eat that night. Tomorrow can not even think about it. Then what is democracy to them, you can learn in Eastern Europe .. forget it … Many people think that America is no better, but a rich printing it, then at least get something from the plate for them. However, if the Taliban supported by Pakistan, the dog will be a beggar.

And the crap that all the interests of instability in neighboring states. Because the western part of Pakistan Pashto, and when they receive autonomy, they lose these areas. The fuel and Iran siitakat penzzeli, Russians also interests in the north, and while the Afghans reason to give a weapon will be used. In Hungary, why can not sponsored anyone? Little football?

Well, 20 billion a year going on here (there) .. segelykent While we droguzletekbol 35 billion!, so this country’s cash flow pretty good yeah. A little jealous. Of course, this is some people’s hands …

Then he complains about all that is not job for life, dying in the shops, etc

Of course it mindnki elfelelyti that space is now space is drinking water, space power is also, in relative safety, at least not in the north of the war.

Because it is in the mujahedinek over 60 thousand people have been killed or just feel in Kabul. The Russians were also killed in millimeters, I myself have 50 thousand people who lost their lives, which triggered the disintegration of the Soviet Union .. Then the Taliban came, they just feel again the leirtottak not like them .. elmenekuloket not … then come the ally of forces .. 130 thousand trained by the military … and now he is going to war. What is the psyche can be 20-30 years eletveszely constant afterwards.

At that time, all the gang fought all against the gang, I just feel fun is fired by the public, and if someone was shot, it was replaced by his brother. If brains were then left, as they did four million people.

And the strangest thing that Media is free! If you want 24 hours a day sugarozhatsz advertising szidhatod, who want to join this. As strange that neither musoridot district of the state, it is here that the dictatorial Iran enjoy the benefits of democracy, that is propaganda … feel free to continue what is this double standard.

Now come the choice for, well, this is a separate story .. . more tomorrow …

In the meantime, I wish you a peaceful fegyverropogasmentes Good-night, from which the ramadanbol. 3.30 is now, and already the wake of Allah Akbar nepeket .. The big zabalas, gotten during the day because no food, no water, no cigarettes, no Noo .. Only enter the kodobalas fegyverropogas year.



Then comes the Mazari Sharif, Balkh, and buszut the exciting details of the subs. Letter .. just feel so much forward to Afghanistan every moment exciting, intense, as I wrote .. often do not know, because you need to turn the camera … @ N03 /


2010.aug 15

I wrote about death around me .. but this is just tip of the iceberg! In 99 cases szazalekarol we can not, because it happens with the locals.

if someone wants to rettenni. Only brief:

Suicide Bombers (Vest and VBIED)

Roadside Bombs & Mines Road:

Anti-Personell Land Mines and Other Forms of Un-Explode Ordnance (UXO)

Assumel Does not hurt absolutely everywhere in Afghanistan receive considerable amounts of foot traffic is a Potential Minefield.

Roadblocks, Banditry and kidnapping:

Probably this is the now of the war-related Serious Threats And The Likely you are now to potentially encounter.

Generally Violence Afgans see, not as a last resort, But as a first resort to Solving Problems.

Every Afghan male on male Will have a knife, every one, and use THEMIS Will They CAN and now with the minimal of provocations.

Afghan men of Will Kill Each Other Matters of Honor, and the slightest, just abstract enough to Provocation CAN OFTEN.

Chaihana – be very aware he hurt Quite Likely May interpret your presence without Other locals for company as an Invitation for sex.

And everyone is bisexual .. Well, who is not in her for sure.

NA foretaste much.

————————— – ———————- —-

Six weird bird instead fegyverropogasra wake up. It seems that yesterday’s Qualification (5halott) after the return is today .. Scramble for derby contest a month (or decades) to wait. Then the answer would be married. Six of the god knows that they want to live like this.?

Tan is not due to the fact that I shot, but to hear kornyezetedben people, mostly after the last instillation kihulofelbe I have seen a (used) shows the dead .. So it’s not the TV series halottairol is all about! It’s real. Say more! In the morning went to pray, or to the market, then tuzbehoztak, crashed and fell to instillation of the fire. But ultimately this is a very simple life of God, that whatever you give up, whatever you may end. Death is too close to me. (I wrote from this nemhiaba szakdogamat). Here’s the door. Really weird feeling. Not that chance, but as a daily reality. It is said. If you are angry, kifelyezik, you can jar your hands kesuk arms, whom we have made. There is no parameter. The heavens will be real life anyway .. ugyebar.

Then in the afternoon smiling, buzzing people, wood, talking .. Then, as a tribal or political climate changed abruptly ordibalasba and violence occur in the thing. As it was yesterday. It is interesting that these warriors in your country (Caucasian peoples, mountain folk) how incredibly important for the Brotherhood. If someone is family, or torzsedbol or nepedbol killed, sacrificed their lives without thinking, you want even if you or your guests. If you accept, you will soon receive an emergency o (wants) to die like you! Tuti.

What is safe in Europe, sacrificing ourselves valamiert already? Less and less. Here, both the weight and consequences on the other hand it has to … sulytalan the consequences, the fear, clinging to life. You are not the only fenmaradasa is important, but the narrower csoportode. Tribal, religious, of cultural obligation to proceed. And that is not under consideration, but I agree! – Of which, of course, it could be concluded quickly to animals, but this is not it safeguards the survival in a world where the struggle for survival going on .. not a taabla csokiert. If you take the case, grass eating, hunger and ehenhalnak. Together, as long as you have to share! )

Index is taste of AFG. Connection inán

Superb and a tooth of the recent geopolitical csatarozasairol Lalo, the background of.

Anyway, okoskodom no longer return to the kaptafahaz the trip.

While I waited for hatarnyitasra, par afgannal talked to people who can not stand Americans. Ask why it is important for Afghanistan, according to U.S.? Because raw materials are here. And, if job will become an independent country? Yes. – Then why did not develop the life under the Taliban, if a country rich in raw materials?

They also led the Americans and money were. – But why should need money, to support if you are already busy in the country, and control over the raw material belt.? It feels good to blame somebody from the outside. But what is less if they go ok? Who blame? And if you are already a leirtottak nepcsoportokat mas, mas gondolkodasuakat, then who will be blamed?

A couple of places you can go in the ass can price, the coachmen, but us peasants (pedestrians) waiting.

So I managed to atvergodnom the Uzbek bureaucrats, while a soldier Bulgaria elegyedtem room Mazaribol who flies to Kabul, and then come back four hours away by bus, because Mazari regularly after Taliban closed the roads and emberrabolnak. Jo taste of me .. bus who are going through.

Then at the Amur Darya river bridge, and I’m Afghanisztanban! Herat

An American armored all there CSK. One of my smoothest crossing. Bekuldenek, but anybody can not find what beleutkozom wander into someone, it shows where stamped, Rauta, and I’m already inside the country. Easy! Nobody in their passports checked by two .. my package, even at setalhattam want it. An ‘how are you doing’ accept with a smile, talk with him, in his opinion ’till Kabul Should it be all right.’ O CSK know (since I had never been to think). They come once a week for backpackers. He says. Good news.

Out on the street a lot of choice for poster receives voice verb agrees with the auto close .. that is the object, because the symbols of the coast from plakatokon. Very funny .. but more about that later.

Fotozgatok, because each new, full of life, as Pakistan .. pair of women beggars coming, labatlankodik there is an inconsistency, no bicos a policeman, who also leads immediately to the police, because I have photo. Of course, no one speaks English, being the elovezetik kommandantet who angoljaval three-word indicates that photo-I .. will be returned to the microphones and microphones. Hatizsakommal, 20 kilograms of TNT in the Vela what it was … because you’re not motoztak searched, I was so destroyed that they are dangerous. Koszontenek, questioned as to why I come, so I’m going to. While looking at my photos. They look a bit silly .. – Know that war going on here? He asks. Yes, in the south. And what you are doing by killing the Taliban? – Inshallah I get to heaven. Laughed at this university, have been returned to their passports and go. Utravalonak said Samangan journey or dangerous, and you fly.

Money market, you will become, correct, it seems that the tourism has been tainted by them .. and as I read the news, now it will not dry them in tourist wildfire. I walk in, shoot, everybody relaxed, smiling, as if India would, in addition to Indian music from the speaker .. Small village in ruins lives, houses crumbling, dusty street garbage, which you can have urulekszaggal. Tea, will be invited to MIDEM, everyone wants to be fenykepemen. Unfortunately, no one takes up hitchhiking, and a Hungarian rendszamu truck went by me .. sure was surprised face when he learns that I am a Hungarian. No bus, taxi squeezed 6.nak, 85km, $ 3, good roads, high speed, traffic children, there’s database, there are no ellenorzopontok, it seems the police are not here to let people basztatasara invented .. in a mixed state .. Hot. Taj desert again, dried novenyzettel, railway and rail, making the road and stuck with speeds ahead in, preceded it, that man’s mouth is on Ahhh – llah Akbar J) Adrenalin consumer countries this increase. If you do not have good roads and insane rivalry, bad roads and then the Taliban in Kabul and a running fire adrenalinfokozok … ..

I will continue soon seq.

Vandorboy – a correspondent in Kabul


Mazar, a large bustling, dusty roads, trying to accommodate to find but you just feel dragaert (20dollar) olcsobbakban the party, and therefore can not be admitted, they say is full. (This was already in Egypt). I can not lay my package, all the bomb, but I think some white tourist wants to blow up a carpet. Never mind that visszarangatag reality, before you really think that India or Pakistan or. The people are nice here, and even who you are as a nod to the Indians. The street chop house, lots of fruit vegetables, the town’s only attraction in the middle of the city built a park mosque, Mausoleum, Irani style beautiful, blue mosaic dome, open-allahakbar testmozgas five times a day. Here, everyone csodamra jar, foreign NGOs are working in the same, but they can not walk down the street. One of the young people learn that I am a Hungarian, and instantly brighten up your eyes, that she lived there. Of course I do not think, but the story claims that a comparable lived in Miskolc meleltti camp, followed by five years in England.

I looked into Balkh even though many have said, it is dangerous to tourists, were killed .. but so many ovatoskodast hear … I believe that there are more good people than bad. If olyen really bad, they will always speak, do not allow it there. So I went. Unfortunately I could not find a shared taxi, so riksaval small motor, which provides public transportation system, I went to the suburbs, then stop. Pancelostemeto On the way, and soon rush Commandos teams Balkh half. U.S. combat troops back ways to roll out .. hm .. exciting place .. I say this, that the North is safe .. ROAD is packed full of ulokkel Volga and roof of a taxi driver was darn mikrobuszok.Aztan who is very unfortunate for me, he disappeared in Europe, at smuggled into Germany itself (8ezer dollar), but was caught three months later, he hazakuldtek. Free repjegy, you got 6ezer euro. I swear I love to do this deal nemetorszaggal.


Ancient city level, blue dome, etc. .. park, young people, heat alvolaszok, curious people, everyone asks that photograph .. Mobile phones seem to have taken a photo para combat, thanks to Nokia for Hungary. Well, so we took part in the modernization of people. Of course, this is one of the CSK side of the coin. The reality is simpler, Pico in stone and gears to authenticate the weights talicskazo children waiting for the buyers, and they hazatoljak to buy young, horse-drawn carriages, sarkunyhok, turban, big beards, colorful fabrics, mini custom neck for probababakon (not felfujhato) taligajukon sleeping people man sitting csomagtartojaban car is .. Are made to train ramadanra .. begins the day after tomorrow.

The varosfalnal warns the police that do not go there because of dangerous .. I come from there, I said. Probably next village, there’s really time travel, not just feel the interior, but also in the mind …

In the evening I go back into Mazari, I meet a friend in Red Cross in Switzerland, I get a little taste of the expat life. At home they built themselves a maszofalat and edzunk’s a little bit, then we would be in a restaurant, where foreigners may CSK, a large entrance betonkockak a bomb laden trucks against a gate and then eat it. Inside, alcohol, Indian food, and Aram. Because is not it dark in the streets after sunset. We look at the BBC. In the evening, a csaihana I draw myself, they chop house, which is also megalvohelykent also served in the old days, it is now. Recommended only generalising foreigner keeps us afraid, because if you know the extra batteries, you berobbantjak be shot, or God knows what they do. But simply exchange was already 10 pm, no one in the streets, so there was no cork .. SG heat. We went to the TV. Of course, looking at films in English. Ask me why, if they do not understand? Because it is hardware and sweet women. Well, yes, the decadence grow to encompass them. The disadvantage of such places, the fact that you start to cook 3.30, 4.30 at the time of prayer goes, then it starts to baratilag fogdosni the legs of the big trade Allas .. I know it’s unique potential male sex partners, .. which now I would like to stay out, so I’m starting to pack.

Jokes – Recommended generalising buzizos jokes, because in the south, around Kandahar (which according to the north), all male plug to another. One of the very intel, more political version of this joke:

The cell will fold the new inmates. The prisoners taken based on age, and interrogated .. why did I get here? Raped by a kid, huh? Ah, yes .. – Then a woman? Ah, no. A man?? No, no, my business policy .. Yeah, so Hamid Karzait fucked??


He’s wanted one for the city woke up, and wake up J bus and started south. The only place that I would have named the mountain carved Buddhist Stupa dk 100 km away, but this is the place that is removed from the Bulgarians, MRT sometimes utlezarnak Taliban, kidnapped, threatened with .. so we now pass.

Kabul is mostly a good half of the road, overtaking eletveszely here, we go through beautiful canyons, slowly appear on the trees, plastic production fields, valley, flat kohazak the slopes, the roads wind and overturned trucks bara tions in color. The race is a 40 minute ebedszunettel lying out, people scramble to eat, despite the fact that you were far too poor. The mountains just in half has been allocated on the basis of the nylon bags, in which ratio is also very much. Interesting to see a lot of truck plate 3 has a szemelygepjarmuvek .. but not picked by the former European number plates. So pretty.

Then betorlodunk the Salang Pass … 3ezer meters. Hundreds of buses, trucks, etc. .. lot nobody knows anything. Snowy mountains, Korben, pleasantly cool weather, the valley tankmaradekok tarkallanak, election posters here … It seems common roadblock. Vendors are ready, everyone held a picnic. I talk a truck players, who worked at more tolmacskent the British, this month for $ 2, but received threatening phone called a lot of being killed if they do not resign .. so changed. He bought a truck, and now the deployment of transport change. You think you’re hitting a dawn Talib rogtonzott roadblock where you wanted to kill, because foreigners are working. Kibeszelte that SG is a simple driver o .. released, but you can not go out more. Now think about progress of cult status. Otherwise the transport prices are not bad, just that the business of being a boss in Dubai, and they just feel subcontractors. It is so you have to attack them at whether you can ask for more money for the shipment. SG Man tickets egeszjatszmaban tool.

As the heroin business too. Everyone refers to Bezzeg banned under the Taliban in the poppy. This is true for a year, that market prices to be higher, and then drag in order to sell. Virtually everyone in this country rablobanda, including the state itself. I can not understand why there are people here. History does not bear out, that link was elolvashattatok the last time, but it is clear that life here is like a national sport. A dead calf to be delivered in a circle. Two teams are (in life are), but also within the team’s only get points, who injected. So everybody is fighting everybody.! It was, and this is still going on. And then comes the West, to children, kooperaljatok, job Lessa. ! This does not work.

The country’s ethnic szetbomlasat no support, because then it would be a mixed karnyujtasnyira what it is, of course, quickly vagnanak this country … just feel the nuclear dust can help. J

Meanwhile, in the strangest of all, that those who are rich in total, they did not enjoy the prosperity of a shot because whatever else.

But turn back to the tank’s tortenetemhez wreck felotlik again … for me, that if you are a fegyvermennyiseg wasted the last 30 years, both in developed countries, would have gone, then it would mar dubai simple life. Now, 20 billion dollar aid and 35 million of heroin to put in you, if you have already banyasznanak not even know where to tartanank. Instead of the medieval feudal conditions prevail. Maybe penzekbol Europe built from this? And our well-being?

After all, that’s life, a unit of money, if everyone shared, you will not be much of a hand ..

After waiting 3 hours suddenly started to take place, everyone ran back to his vehicle and started to race again. Betorlodtak Kabul before the cars, and stopped somewhere. God knows where, as street names did not exist in Kabul, at least not in words. Buses do not know .. queries where the people .. xy. district, I do not, you amugysem talking in English. One young man finally Kunduz help, share a taxi .. speaks little English, good for a hospital mutetert (400kmt). Immediately you can call themselves that when I go to Kunduz, where to sleep. You can here it goes.

Tourism is a separate story, 29-year-old, but I did every possible thing. All of it. Radiozik Right now, the Advertising companies are .. But he also began szonyegcsomozassal, hotel, … then good for the war, and tile set, all the food shops you can imagine. A story with a life I am seeing.

That are taking place every day? Maybe someone in the hull of a truncated tour again want to come to a small Afghan reality show? You can look at this.

if you loose Persian melodies am

Taliban – is mandatory for your child to fight it, or crop kivalthatod. (Logical, if not food, then many of you anyway, one of Islam’s leading garden elhullhat).

Sleep – chaihana

Lanctalpbol came – I think recycle project. Scramble the rivers, valleys are filled with tankmaradekkal, with APC, the success kozelmult / kkudarcait shown.

Zil en Mercedes sign, but no dogs less fat.

Buszut – hanyozacskokat distributed

Paste becsületkódexe Pastunvali ancient, unwritten constitution. A ~ Pashto, all men are equal, so the decisions, including the judiciary as well, community meetings as appropriate.

Election posters glued on possible local, grass, tree, bush .. gas station, stoptablara … the symbols:

Chair, mobile tel., Iron (women’s base), current-conducting, keys (We married coast), typewriter, globes (this vilagcsavargok coast), apple, bird, and 2 on the plug, 3 auto (lam Orban CSK 4 wheels thinking), Leo (I wonder who has seen such a thing) 2 briefcases, briefcase 3, (I wonder what is different about the preview ..) for 2 and 3 palmafa, 3 windows, Martos pen (conservative intellectuals coast), 3 gowns, 2 Telescope (prescient coast), 3 fish, 4 round (the back-shore), 3 mecseslampa (the pessimistic sides, anyway less current), leaves (the optimistic sides who believe that there are trees), corn, aktakupac account ( I swear I’m not kidding), division, flag (nationalist), 4-tie (I have not got one .. Actually .. no, RAM does not count), computer (six .. they can not possibly become the first generator to become szimbolumokkal TC), 4 camera obscura (think of 20as names Bohem artistic elites vote for them), 2 axes (cost-effective solution mounts coast I think), two teapots (soon to alcohol banned), 2 plates, 2 watering (balint Farmers’ Party), boat (na we go from here Coast), aerospace (Get out of it quickly Coast),

Oh you who say valsztanal? Brigitta, Brigitta ..

Then know my ancestors educated to win the lottery in the szimbolunokat because (I quote) osszevesznenek be cured of the popular symbols. Because you do not find it in the first-come, your imagination, so stronger copy of baz who would be the preferred logo. But what if it sucks … get some scattering of the Taliban, the intellectual part of the ax, the kisgazdak aktakotegeket .. . (Missed the snail, Kalashnikov, commando and suicide bomber, little pig, J, Mako, beburkazott woman in the mulabat – but it seems they are not in the virtual valosaglehetosegek did.)



Houses, the landscape and Pashto occurs job to be Testore Hamid Karzai. The test is to get a gun, and the door must be automatically eloniuk wives to prove that it can do anything. A few minutes later come back to the home .. no .. I can not do it. The landscape level .. However, the Pashto room heard a big bang,, .. and great noise, breaking, crushing … comes out, asks me,, now what? Six of the gun did not work, so the chair the woman beaten to death.


Or another joke in the 2001 murder of Mashoud mujahedin leader who has one of the tactics of retreat was to blow up the bridges behind.

The cemeteries are sadly Masoud deputy, Sir, what prompted one reporter to be passing, why now, Sir, that you never koztudott holds a master? – It is true, but I’m sure that blew up the bridge leading into heaven.


Watch a film in English, they can not scramble in English. I ask, why? In the year verekedesert nokert.

Media is free, too. Of course there is civilian control .. Masoud today stoppoltam kommandante tomb, about 100 km from Kabul, and a young motor is added .. As it turned out her mother and radios as well .. was .. Jot some free radios … then kommandante and executed. Yes, here is the weight of the media. It may be honest, just feel a great deal to be enough that little ones do not shoot him. Contact System. It mafia … now that such a debt for life. State? Security? Um .. juicy news or someone fresh out of the bottle absorbs ..

The problem is that the tradition of the solution and hit a mast.

the situation in Afghanistan is in Pakistan is really the key. In [7] Taliban [8] Pakistani bases launch attacks on Afghan government and NATO corps against, and al-Qaeda is the euphemistically Federal-controlled tribal areas ([9] FATA [10]), called virtually anarchic region has built up their base.

The United States, however, the addition of another anti-terror war is impossible to win fights, drugs ellenit. The Washington lobbying pressure from the U.S. anti-drug war in Afghanistan started on drugs, and as Colombia, Afghanistan is also the raw material – the coca and poppy – growing of trying to eliminate. This in turn sent a special message to the Afghan people: Americans fed to drogbárókat money while destroying the Afghan peasants living in a single source. The indignation of the people favored the Taliban. Not by chance you think [17] Barnett Rubin [18] – who is Richard Holbrooke, the Obama administration’s future in Afghanistan különmeegbízottjának close associate of the new presidential chief Afghan experts – that the opium production in the legalization, or at least the produced opium for medical purposes received a major step towards towards stability in the region.

The al-Qaeda [19] Tora Bora [20] at the base of military operations against the American army, after he found himself in strange situations. Specifically, his opponent has not had the task of the population by increasing suspicion watched, corrupt, held even more the minority [21] Tajikistan [22] to [23] Uzbekistan [24] and [25] Hungary [26] Cat Representative government was protecting. Thus the enemy was the Taliban, which is in the form of a mystery. We can not speak a single movement, rather than the six excluded paste of anti-government rebellion. NATO and the U.S. army corps so one day to another megszállókká were the same as it did for the Soviets.

Afghanistan is a bunch of insoluble matter the situation. Resemblance to Palestine.

The tension is that it would set out in WFD mixing, self-determined person Orszag would last the various tribes, there is a tribal tradition. Should an enemy, otherwise I am a man.!

Is Revenge of the culture. If anyone noticed the node, or hung-out in her panties, then someone must hallni. Then comes the Revenge, of course. It is ujjabb, here there.

So we all have to buy your weapons yourself and leszamolni the other.

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