Columbia, where the Hundred Years of Solitude comes to life

The magical realism in live

Twilight of the blood vessels Colombia border, where the clerk looks at utlevelemet, then which country KERDI. I say in Hungarian. Kotor, then announced that he had to pay visumot. Well, I thought, I arrived in a country where we immediately begin lehuzassal. I started to explain to him my knowledge distribute Spanish to magyareknak not have to pay. but does not fix its position. For this to refer to KM’s official website, and concluded with the dog, what gave you and beprintelte the seal. Did not work. That’s it. Valtra money, then walked across the bridge. Well here I am. No one takes a long time so I have some time looking at the famous custom control. The cars are carried at a smooth 60’s bulb lit ellenorzoponton with presenting personal igazolvanyukat side the official deemed to be completed in the case. Approximately every tenth car opened the door, they bene to the meeting, then we can go. To be sure, the kokaincsempeszetnek will not halt here. It was a dog nearby.

Ipialaes only a few kilometers, but in the evening tovabbstoppolni eselytelen. Accommodations beginning at $ 10, so we skipped. Mar kivalsztottam very much a place to sleep, but it was too early, so the frigid cold front in a telephone kioszkosnal boosted. People came to call, but could not call cell phone. Funny. I talked to kioszkossal, and it turned out that this is the most dangerous place in the city. I thought he walked out of the city, but said it mainly to rob. So I started to look for accommodation, over $ 3 but I was not willing to go, so to that extent we agree. The brain. Ramfer, so the money has to be heard but the soap opera dialogues taking place in the Community Room.

At dawn he set to work on stoppolni what God gives, emergency brake a truck all day. On the map is only a thimbleful, but winding hills to festival day. The girlfriend, communicative, and even marriage is offered. City of Pasto in front of a packed dead youths, and this is just the beginning. Welcome in Colombia.

Pasto city generalising the number of people everyone room miscible warned to watch out because they rob (this is expressed in their faces vegighuzott karmolassal). Veszelytudatban be worse than poverty, because they have no fear, because there is nothing to be threatened. And if egojukkal is counted, then who is no longer in jeopardy. The streets of many motor and a 70-inch section had flinging beaked chimneys buses, equipped with Mariaszobrocskakkal. This eyg least fixed point in South America. Many horse-drawn carriage is reversed, hand-drawn cart is regular.

Continue twisting the truck, through patchwork landscapes. Felkeszitenek that it’s dangerous, because it paramilitansok operate. The villages behind the dug-in troops before homokzsakok take care of the order. On the way we saw the remains of burned bus, an attack the previous results. Bodega pop-up bulletin drink koumiss. Mongolian lesson?

It was getting dark when he sees by the roadside about a forty veszvillogos auto body still lying around on the asphalt is not geometric layout. Stop the blood in my veins. The moment when the myth alive. Lam how we are insulated from the death. (Does not exist in our minds.) Especially when it will become a reality, now that you may also want to en fekudhetnek there. (Jara fresh catch up when I saw the dead? When Jara was a real catch eletvegi position?)

Not a movie I’m valosagaban AAL, but the present reality. Habari by double-kiforditjuk garbles words, the life I’m also a sub-reality, because I was banished to the realities of today’s Hungarian tudatombol. Instead, he built a home inside the other reality of living in exile from TV is a known / unknown alvalosag. Elvalotlanitas the world. Who own way makes. Who’s out there. Who is where? No-where. Se-ol. Perhaps the reality of the afterlife, there have been no readings, interpretations. Only one reality (a) is. AAL AAL-Where the fish? The gate. O the one who reminds ourselves. The gate (hatarhelyzetekben) all by themselves, we are losing our ability szerepjatszo civilization – simply replace it. This will help to find ourselves. If this is a mask, we played it a painful disenchantment jovend, and to live as hell. The hell of the past is present. As the future will be. Is not it, to hell and heaven is not there and then, but here and now. The way we live is hell or heaven. If a permanently halalllal speak face to face (or permanent birth), that is, finding a steady-state valosagkereses. Half Melo. (Hetkoznapi (?) Equivalent always be in love a.)

And it also ran at the keredesehez happiness. Soup of the permanent gate, the doors unlock and the means for confronting. Wu Men. There is no gate. No Wicket. It will not be here and there. Outside, I am inside I am, alas, but I’m very happy .. And this only masks the resolution. An easy.

We stop at a emlekhelynel Maria, blinking Christmas tree, and a multitude of crutches corner testimony to the power of place. A gas station close to getting out and sleep under the stars far away from people.


The city was founded in 1537 and in 1983, an earthquake devastated the city is in large part, but ujjaepitettek authentic atmosphere. The city traffic is almost non-existent university kisvaroska pleasant atmosphere and many small fakultansal, of boltives patio, fountain, and it’s bustling diakelettel the essential security guard who tries to keep the curious away from inappropriate items are in- And who, like spying. en .. Somewhere to leave my package is complicated, because everyone is suspect. South America is certainly not the only jofejseg, dancing, but the pervasive fear, distrust, etc..

Church anti-16-17. century, though only open during working hours, but each beat fellow european beauty, and the statues of Maria nagysagaban. The local record high 6meter (Maria once, then let’s not just high-Virgin), which in addition to 50-inch Jesus decoration or just a misunderstanding. Of course Del giccsert not need to go to Italy, because it also works with the incident penzbedobasra flickering electric candles. But this criticism of the interior is concerned only to make it more dense if it is closed.

Here, too, does the fear efektus, warning me not to go to church dombteteji because rob. But again, this performance loss. Slowly begin to think that this is a myth, once the past, etc. … because no one (s) had no ram (gusto).

Market – always an exciting part of the country have, and anything else. You already see black people, pushing the two-wheeled cart loaded with a maximum payload. Places par Indians on the market, and behold: they have cut their hair short. In this I have not seen anywhere in South America because it is always a mixed force of DUS braided black hair.

The market has covered part of the eating house in town is the only place to be nourished by human price. Of course bean. Charcoal is heated to a `regime` so the sun roof holes infiltrated fototemat good offer.

Outside the market waiting for the old-style bus, waiting for the rural population and purchasing fiat. The truck in front fapadokon plateau junction boxes are the people at the back and on the roof of the goods accumulated by the colorfully painted buses.

In the streets, horse-drawn carts to comply with the right hand rule, and obediently stopped at a red light and then chug a traffic zoldnel nekilodul vegyulve .. Edes. At just funnier when a rider can pop up at the gas pump.

Pure time travel, as if the story would be. I always feel a Hundred Years of Solitude comes to mind about this country.

Penzvaltas – Austral dolar Well, here is unheard of, so you can stay in the U.S.. Money Laundering Act, it is a separate procedure (defined only ten dollars changer), multi-page, photocopy passport and fingerprints taken from me the first time in my life. Is it really that naive? Thought that the American peso kokainuzletek were concluded? Escobar will come to parmilliard peso exchange American dollars to pay the laborers working in coca ultetvenyeken?

Easy to accommodate not be found because they are everywhere and everyone is consciousness of TV, which has no beneficial effect on the prices high. So stay away from the city. Small bus get out of town, a little tullovik the harvest, so the party will pay, no advertising.

Darn, what a drug dealer immediately available, but it turns out that miutsan solvent nor am visszaszivarog designated place, and Teri’s on the truck.

Will soon appear on the police, and spontaneously form a blockade of cars inspected. A few hours later motor racing glide outwards commando team, armed to the teeth, on their backs huge geppuska as a thug in the movies shown. Finally, a country where the police did not have kibaszasbol. Sometimes a soldier on a freight car was laden with arms, a belt around their bodies, as if rain to watch a movie in Vietnam. Log Something in the air. Here all the time. Dream world.

As expected no one took up, so abandon around dusk, and paused in a small bus, the official pofatlanul lealkudva harvest. But we are flexible, can uccu down to sea level again, back to the warmth.


Lots of homeless lepukkant, hidlako kontrsztkent (?) In this modern city, which was once Escobar operating zone. Hosted by the bustling center of the city live in their garden is a paradise, peace and quiet, birds. The nearby hill-Racz evening garden atmosphere, zenelgetnek young people are drinking. Then we stroll through the city, regularly scored in the begging, because upcoming weekend. The szorakozohelyeken kidoboemberek many. This is (i) the world (a). The large table at the sortolcserekbol csapolhatnak asztaltarsasagok. There are also mobile phones moving through the streets, and there are some individuals who advertise on their clothes the minute prices. But it only made mellkoze the most successful mobile …

Colombia – everyone hates politicians, removing corrupt as usual, everyone would like to change but scared. If you enter into politics in the head, you can easily head there. If you could go higher, then the plane crash to technical failure. The adverse opponents summarily executed. No problem. But the people why they should not be loose? Well I think in a sufficient wealth to so do not want to change. This is a very rich country, but not yet for the low prices le.Viszont unfortunately yes. Do you want to be in Europe. Or even more expensive. (Gasoline gallon (about 4 l). Kb.3 dollar, cookie is a doolarig, 10forint rolls, 60 to 20 dollar places, looking for ransom even this (and demand) dependent. En is allocated to this matter ????? Who dedicate much ram ?)

Palmira – city of kibuszozom, but my bad luck to the city center, so it takes a while before walking out the kisvarosbol. Meanwhile, a bike stuck valve adjusted my breasts, my playboy helpful, it also gives the bicojat.

A truck and then I go my way hitchhiking 3 hours after a detour de Pereira to go towards these goals. It only has one drawback: in the evening, metro and buses are unrealistically expensive and only prepaid tickets can take off. 30 km to 3.5 dollar, more than half your daily budget. And there is no compassion. This is South America. Finally, a bus inflatable vessels to get out of town, but before talking to the driver to dab the body as regards pay. The bus is a naive aging exdisszidens kitten talk, who is in Armenia take us to the center, saying what a beautiful city, and then quit. Well, not exciting: a modern, rich and expensive. 9 pm when another modern nagyvaroskaban find myself. Packages are not welcome back, but ultimately helps the baker. This package is always a good test site for installation of a probe to see how the kozhangulat, people. The main square’s contemporary art exhibitions, par bench for lovers, a new church. This is the new face of Colombia wealth as if it would be in Western Europe. There you go.

Evening buses are 11kor Bogotá, not to lose, I ask the price before retirement location. And since few of the patron (such prices nana), so feel free to alkudok and legnagyobbb known my surprise it went, so $ 10 for 7 hours sleep and sit in the pleasant warm bus, scramble the mind plastic chairs very inorganic structures there.

BOGOTA – 2600 meters above sea level, Cloudy sky in late autumn atmosphere.

At dawn, arriving in the capital, which more resembles an industrial lerakotelepre a lot of run-down fold-storey taarhazakkal bleak. Fold at the city level, and sometimes two-story kohazak of the nation’s center. Removing market day in closed shops, shop windows instead of mixing with lowered vasrolok indicate the city was unlikely. Amsterdam is it works against the vandals and robbers. Brave New World. Drizzle of rain, csomagomtol impossible to get rid of, because there is so rampant in fear. So hazigazdamnal start the day.

Getting Around – well resolved. As also in Quito, where he coaches metropotlo zartpalyas surface (transzmileneum) separated from the travel 4savot foutvonalbol. And there is a red version of the sietoknek week. Structure of the town square, and street names are used instead of ass. Horizontal and vertical, as the crossword (Calle, Carrera)

Museo de Oro – The richest foldresz ekszerkiallitasa antique, custom days for free, so you buy into a bit of pre Inca Indian ekszerologiaba. The time now otvosmunkak intensity in the cage, although here there are no English subtitles. (Not a real tourist. I wonder why?:) The top of the sound and light show in the upstairs hall, automatically locked behind closed pancelajto ekszerbol donated by hundreds of antique mualkotasnyi nazunk performance was over, we hear. We have found material for sure. consuming but it really has been prepared for.

The fair nyuzsivel usual daily flea market operates gramofonnal, numizmakkal, used wrench, plastic banana, along with a large wingspan. Nepper Sot noticed a turtle is a lot of cigarettes, candy, books, pens, plastic toy near Arusha. I do not mind otlott have that, for example. szolitgassak tree frog with people. (It is rather the Word of God)

Many foghijtelek is the absolute center, but can not seem to economic recovery. Gaz station in the District. The parks are empty (butterfish why?), Downtown street corner kent armed soldiers caring for the random, unexpected situations occur.

However, a little kijebb belvarol the high traffic of prostitutes complicate it, called gateways, but I feel like disappearing from the big dark hole, so this experience will remain with local residents to residents. Otherwise the old and the fatty-reaching, and which of them are male voices spoke. Who what stimulus there. (To whom the priest, whose priestess)

Mix the next day piroshetesre edema, so overruns on the downtown area. No matter, when new crops. Boltocskak street just awakening, bolt adapted to me a strange face, I can not shake off, but after a while I find the hatizsakomban (the hand). Well, .. efficiency reason to land on your nose, then with a firm step away. Bogota.

A little later a real pure blend EDEM homless flea market. Here, the points are like homeless people here than if I had come out of szenbanyabol, radishes months old clothes, their hair turned rasztaba and special ismertetojegyuk that each has a bearing heating ex-baby carriage, in which you can drag ingosagait.

No longer needed or new stuff to scavengers jardabeli probakjak various stock portfolios sold. But the market is narrow, as-prone faces seldom arises in this black hole. These soldiers did not dare to armed. En unsuspectingly walk farther, because there are interesting characters in this unconscious (a photographer’s paradise), but I find myself in a strange dark looks that I’m in the crossfire. Fund a bad mood, tense atmosphere, preparing to eat some cake. Zsakomba the camera back, the contrast between us is too big, not fit for magnokazetta used in bad zoldsegreszelo with a series of worn shoes on my nikon ..

Too much contrast. Waste in the air around me. Just like when Han Solo wanders into a bar, and freezes the air around it, and various extraterrestrial beings staring baratsagtalan face. I’ve been in this situation again, do not forget. Elovenni still image does not try to re-scramble cimlapfotok lehetnenek. Footsteps uncertain, gunmen are not already do so, and I feel if you turned the next street, then disappeared without a trace. (How many black ribbon is in Bogota?) So turn around and slowly edged out of the most cultivated with features, back to the real world. This is a land of magical realism. Hundred Years of Solitude. Anything can happen entire period.

Return to the mainstream plan, re-building in the interest kozeppontjaba. There are armed, can your camera and takes photos in a heritage listed can go home, but the two soldiers already there is room and arrested. As it turned out a potential spy, because I was a military center lencsevegre, and as such it should not look at him. So I introduced the gunmen in the barracks, and always kept inside the building to a scribe superior displaying their (I’m the spy you through! Inside! Though the outside is forbidden to see. And then only in the megvakittatast I bunteteskent imagine statarialis court ..) It is good to they do not speak English, because then you will also receive guided body. This leaves only the military leadership. But you can not find a scribe in this tremendously important object. Why do you keep such a building?

So take a back gate, where a permanent garrison there, the car exploded barbed barrier against smokers. I’m waiting. orsegvaltas also took place during this time, `right` vezenyszora at half the COMPANY to the left. Whether at home. If you would like burlesque movie. Pitiful but funny while. Unfortunately we never thought much of the uniforms a lot, and now he could not move out from this allaspontombol. Waiting for hours, I think it has already setalhatnek, because nobody knows what they are looking for, maybe just a visitor waiting for her siblings, or waiting for someone who is hearing, etc. .. Finally eliminate this version opts not already under pressure because of my evidence, so I look forward to the developments rather, I am sorry my time scramble this farce. So I megsurgetem the guards to find a reasonable man to mar. Then the elokerul fohadur, teaches how to look at my pictures with digital camera (a couple of hundreds), but of course the traditional fenykepzomet not shown because there is simply open to megsemmisuljon). Then looks up again, do not scramble recognition I am just nervous and that you do not delete it all, or not to confiscate it. Fortunately, Exchange no lies, so I can go. Lam again free to scramble back to even open my eyes, you can change their minds or after shooting …

Candellaria – the real old town on the hillside, with small streets, colorful houses with dozens of 16th century church, because the buildings `forgot` to destroy the Second World War. (Okay, they had earthquakes instead)

The historic buildings moved to the offices, around the military, so you can watch RAA does not just walk next to the steady rate as the former Lenin Mausoleum. Tan is a fresh experience that in 1985, the M18 guerrilla group `busy` activist killed in the Palace of Justice and the judges. The army is the only way he could re-occupy the building that destroyed the building. Endung lo: sung.

Since then there is a new building. Bogota is also true is true that the public buildings, not to the public.

Library – a fotokiallitas is on the walls, but the other is already warning of the prohibited zone. Funny. Net is not, but Zilahy Louis Szekfu Gyula, Mara, Tamas Aczel, Francois Quarry, Mindszenty Bela – the gems of Hungarian literature, “, inorganic luck looking in Hungarian literature. Where to stay in Hungary-image?? (Who is heard Tamás Aczel? Are not in the top 100 in my my list)

The tourist information in English speaking (jeah), but 10 per day! kulfoldinel more is not reversed it. I think here is the good orszagimazs, or everyone is directed to (the country’s crops during the procedure). Cultural life change is rich, a lot of young French filmhet, Museums, Jazz Festival, Marcel Marceau, etc.

Direction north of the Caribbean Sea! – Super-hyper-hyper-price bus takes off 20 minutes from the mu-Bogotatol city that weekend szorakoztatokozpont quasi diesney land. Not to take (it is not), but this level of association already understand about Colombia. The fear is normally integrated into the human consciousness. Technical becoming. Elbuszoztam the nearest gas station, where with great difficulty picking up a the back of the truck, which would not be a problem if not it would be cold and would have resulted from the rain. But everything is compensated for the crops patchworkjen reflected sunlight, when we came over the mountains in the clouds, causing a strange light mounts all together. I’ll fold. A Hundred Years of Solitude in office only could! Starting in Tunja a minibus carries on the winding mountain roads to arrive in Colombia szentendrejebe days.

Valle de Leyva fancy relaxed, village-style uniform, but it disturbing that all clean and tidy, it lacks the patina. Templomkaban your evening after church choir, elderly people sitting in front of the houses loca real Transylvanian vibe to me. The sign shows the main square: horse is off limits. Utburkolat the rubble but it did not save the street to a broken beer bottle shattering, which indicates that age, so we though. Country of Contrasts.

In a turist information satorponyva reigned during the same armed men who can not mean anything, but can not in the business.

I can also accommodate a religious old lady to find, old houses at the entrance of a little statue of Maria. O at the reception – he says, and reassurance, that they are a religious family. Your zenegep, hintalo and II. John Paul looked sharp in my room.

Here in the Valley area there are many interesting latnivalo. 8km from a 120 million year old remains of vizihullo szemrevetelezhetem, slightly farther from the Muisca culture centers are astronomical, which also served as a ritual space, including a lot of 2-3 meters high kofallosszal.

Raquin – colored facade hazacskak small village made up this story, which was the worse off the multitude of tourist shops, but there is a good, no foreign tourists.

7 km from here up into the mountains the monastery of La Candelaria, which was built in 1597. True it was closed, but the crops and the walk is pleasant odafele. I saw horse-drawn korbejaro pressing clay, a kind-faced old woman in the village. Again, a hundred years back zokkentem. Mithra hanglemezem tujemindig in this country is a big jump. Dream world.

Many in the area of ​​European migrants, being a thug is virtually nyugisabb crops.

I continue my journey north, and a German dissident Bacsi picks up (he said not a national socialist. Was it once) and one of the tanaranak wife was Hungarian, his freshness of spirit of the age (osodasa) have risen. Only the political uncertainty does not like to even guess why.

The emberrablok mainly specialize in rich, everybody knows how much to pay, when to go etc.. Many foreign businessmen, the insurer has changed, because half of this past performance may be contracting. What’s funny?

Another shaky auto carries on a mountain top, where kocsmazo indianokba bump, sometimes szamarhaton eluget a native, or carried home from the fields of joszagokat .. Idyllic landscape, especially nice people … It’s just that no one takes .. A lot of dogs will get one. Hope is not lost. The situation is all the more. So again, a small bus ME the municipalities. From there, the next village 8km’s $ 2. And it’s not turist price! From there I get a replacement instrument stopped, but by evening bentragadok a frontier town, combining a huge rain, tram .. thunder .. power failure, to further reduce eselyeimet hitchhiking.

But the most hopeless situations always come with an unexpected turn, and a bus stop three youths who held half of Venezuela, and money is only jelkepeset kernel. So entire morning can sleep while they meander night vegetnemero the mountains. Distance to lightning, while the headlamps continuously pasztajaban paraben uttest swimming, and just wiggle the mountains between the Milky Way. (So ​​you can turn on the road holes can only guess that wacky races makes the journey. This beauty must suffer)

Morning trips are separated, but at least I got to sea level again, back to the pleasant warmth. Ended the corners. A 36-year-old freight car carries on a building and from there leads to another until the evening, but always stop okmenyt pecsetelni, grease, wheel to be changed so, so slow. Interfere with ordinary files, lots of soldiers, homokzsak, shelter, protect the bridges villages.

Bosconia was stuck for the night. A foutcaja, which is also the foutvonal, it nyuzsi, life, people sit outside in front of the houses and in the pub, everywhere a master tullicitalva roar of the music. Caribbean Real filing, as we approach the sea. The car singing along with the Mures cd. In my life I have observed, first, the chicken by hand to eat, but not naked, but in a nylon bag, pulled on their hands. Elmes. I approached the standard elements of the bean, but the new region-food pasta with spicy sauce wrapped tukortojas megbolonditva. Another tropical fruit was unknown in my mind and out of the szotarambol.

Room is miscible with me during our youth irogatok, but no one invites us into his garden to bed. Destruction of Transylvania. But of course I say (be quiet conscience Hill) how dangerous it is to sleep outside. Jo, will take care of me for good luck. Though the mosquitoes are not warned.

Well here is so charismatic, people no chance to stoppolni, so the bus left. On the way several times to check soldiers’ packs, utipapirokat to screen those who have small push.

Santa Marta – kikotovaros, in which only we arrive, we get … in a large suburb. I walk in the downtown area, and the military to immediately inspect and immediately spotted the hatizsakomat. (Arab terrorists look, first of all my life.) I ask the seller to a photo shop, how much of a zoom, six to go and ask what the fonoketol. But I can not ask an easier photo store, only harder, so you can give up the rest. Why is there if you have nothing to do with the case? But ask this home bureaucrats large part down too. Never mind them must also be respected, not only annoy people.

Architectural space is not thrilling. Museums are closed, dull beach, sweltering heat. The guidebook mentions temples but featureless, so now I realize that architecture is only as regards my approach of texts, while others are really God’s home. Never mind more ..

Buses on, but I do not like that the bus drivers and bus front is isolated from them, so eselytelen forward the view, do you feel are manifold, but at least you get a gift of candy. The next big industrial city, so there is keresnivalom so you can go further, price megversenyeztetve them to bo buszkinalat option in principle. Can not move very quickly to the Police because a lot of lying.

Volcan de Tunja Codoban to be at to get off, turning off the foutrol. Well, here again, the past csoppenek. We expect the meantime, Uncle szepseges szamaragolnak the elderly village women carrying rye, 60 color names linger buses again, wearing a coat rack villagers of fresh fish, cut disznohussal Fiss, zoldsegekkel joszagokkal’s universe. Back there in the Jesus Pill Anton miheztartas stickers on the end.

Mar darkening what El Tunja into blood vessels. Motor players to go to Vulcan, where he verszivok going on, but the same quarter of Arban. Strip naked and jump into the volcano … Floating in warm mud accumulated in the crater. Bizarre feeling and knowing that beneath the Earth’s center, the underworld, infinite depths of consciousness, while we are in the warm-lagyanolelo elmerulhetetlenul floating sludge. Dead Sea. Strange name for an association of these locations, regards. Holt, underworld. Yet the absolute power to terminate such egyevalas feeling when two worlds lintels. Regards.

Dip in the nearby lake, clean myself in the mud and the multi-day izzadsagtol, which has been protected from invasion sandfly. Visszamotorozunk the dark, unlit village, eating away because there is no food in the evening. A real village. Tavoztamkor warn that dangerous unlit at night walking through the village! Rob. Here we go again. But what can I do, linen is not an option. Just sucks to know that my own fear of the neighbors in their village. I have one, but a constant worry for them.

Evening irogatok near a gas station, the attendant guys get to know Jon, Buy food, sleep and later an old bus. Osztalyreszemul mosquito gets that much less (no and 24-hour supervision, which is monitoring saskakent waiting riders because it would not hurt).

Of course, needless to say that no one can take in (Caribbean atmosphere), but everyone had a dog in the village and is now a large colorful vintage bus.

Cartagena – I reach the bus terminal, buildings which are not present, but the bigger buszkoncentraciot in the suburbs. Stoppers, honk, swirl. The old city walls is a quarter of an isolated, including hotels, aged, and already detached colonial style building for $ 5 to sleep. Unfortunately I’m not his girlfriend, now my sleeping quarters are equal. This leaves a window without a sweat three square feet, simply exchange onszantambol. But it is surprised that the U.S. $ 2.5 toilet paper, towels and soap is dukal. Oops!


– The Spanish idekeveredtek early enough, and this was the golden gate of the city, the port from which the gold Aramis fallen to Europe. That eye is cast on the pirates. (May be that today’s population consuming further continuation of this tradition toretlen) eitettek This is a great strength of the Spaniards, causing no little annoyance Drake Captain, later Admiral, who will destroy the armada will be immortalized in history.

High and uniform color center, with small streets, where a limit to the cars, and even from many who are disabled. Heaven. Throughout the European approach, only moving on the streets gepfegyveresek recall that this was Columbia.

The fotemplom under renovation, but within bekeredzkedem and time travel again. Spell that holds this country, just do not always huznanak back to the present.

The main square’m sitting trecselo elderly palmafak, horse carriages and the tulelesertmozgoarusokkal. I liked the modern art that appeared on the streets, exaggerated contrast scramble held a statue of a naked woman in front of the Catholic Church. It is also interesting formation, where the pavers priest `walk ‘- Plato, Aristotle agora atmosphere of discourse in a way – an indian rabszolganovel, whose legs are there in handcuffs. Equality, brotherhood.

The tables and chairs to move into spaces, and the tourists slowly fill the room with the stomach. A lively neighborhood mozdulatmuveszek make the space and juggler balancing botporgeto artists, puppeteers ulik the business cycle.

By contrast, seized the city outside the walls of noisy traffic, a real market, newsboy, kufarok, market-women and cheeks, and kukazok szalszat I go wandering and thief – who constantly warn everyone. The food is not infinite hustalan vidamparknal find prices, (although flavored paper clip, ensuring the smooth intake of trace elements), so charging, but it is empty EDEM, because you are sitting in my place to gas-Change your wallet.


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  1. Mount Revelstoke NP : A Mount Revelstoke Nemzeti Park 260 km? nagysagu, a Columbia hegysegben, a Glacier Nemzeti Park kozeleben helyezkedik el. 1914-ben alapitottak, teruleten talalhato a vilag egyetlen nem partvideki mersekelt ovi esoerdeje.

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