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Kazahstan round trip

kazah intro 2 Altyn Emel Nemzeti park
kazah intro 2 Altyn Emel Nemzeti park

I invite you to join me for a fantastic journey across Kazahstan, the trip is compact, intense, and  will cover the most interesting scenery within the region of Almaty. I have been to Kazahstan many times and I am a experienced guide within this region in additoin I can speak Russian fluently. If you are planning a longer trip, you might join our Kirgiz and Tajik Pamir journey as well.

Kazahstan is so big that people rarely put it in their travel itinary. But the country offers you so many surprises and beautiful sights  if you have the insight, proper logistic and planning. Our program focuses on the natural beauties of Kazahstan near to Almaty reagion. Our journey covers more then 1500 km total. We will trek around

Kazah Big Alma Ati lake trekking
Kazah Big Alma Ati lake trekking

Almaty city till 4000 meter to see glaciers, on another day we will trek to a high altitude lake. Our round trip with the hired 4×4 vehicle starts at Chorin canyon which is known as the grand canyon of Kazahstan. Next step is the Kolsay lake, where we will do small treks to the two lakes within the  natural reserve.  Another interesting natural wonder in that you can view a forest submerged beneath a lake.  Our last stop is the Altyn Emel national park, singing dunes, colorfull hills and valleys. And finally we will get to know the historical

Almaty, visiting museums, historical stalin barokk buildings, and what Almaty famouse for: the night life.

Kazah Chimbulak trekking
Kazah Chimbulak trekking

This program nettó 8 days  which offer you  the diversity of nature and culture, so join us

Our program:

Day 1: start your flight to Almaty

Day 2: Almaty, Bolsoe Almatinskoe Ozero

Visiting the Big Almaty lake next door to the city. It is 800 meter up, 4 h walking, or you can choose a taxi as well, and trek from the lake to the observatory. The view from here is breath taking, you can relax as you gaze upon the snow covered

hills around you.

Day 3: Almaty, Chimbulak and the hills above

Todays trek with be more exhausting as we will be hiking to 3200 meter and above. But the pleasent Alpine scenery along the way  is well worth it, it takes 5 hours walking up but possible to hire 4×4 if you dont feel fit enough to walk up. In the evening we can rest in any given pub, enkoying the culinary of Kazahstan.

Kazah, Charin canyon
Kazah, Charin canyon

Day 4: Charin Canyon – The Grand Canyon of Kazahstan, Saty

Today we will cover 380 km journey. The first stop and the highlight of the day is the famous Chorin Canyon. 80 km long, 300 m. deep and gives an eternal memory about the place and wonders about our planet. From here we will go to Ile Alatau National reserve, where we have a homestay in the last inhabited village. There will be a sauna and delicious dinner  for  an extra fee.

Kazah, Saty, lake
Kazah, Saty, lake

Day 5: Saty,  forest in the lake

Today Trek will be much easier, a total of 6-7 hours along the river. A landslide closed the valley and filled it with water, so now the forest is covered with water. This makes for a very unique and beautiful scene that you are unlikely to see elsewhere.

If you dont want to walk, it is possible to do this by jeep as well.

Kazah, kolsay lake
Kazah, kolsay lake

Day 6: Kolsay lake

Today we will trekking in the 3 lake area.  Another 6-7 hours walking,in a pleasant environment reaching the 2nd lake 700 meter above. It is possible to swim in the refreshing lake before we return back.

Kazah, Altyn Emel Np. singing dunes
Kazah, Altyn Emel Np. singing dunes

Day 7: Altyn Emel National Park, singing dunes

Early morning we will leave this peacefull environment to reach the highlight of our journey. After 300 km drive, we will reach the entrance of the park.The nature here is amazing, you will see colorful hills that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Later we will visit the singing dunes.  As we walk on the dunes you will experience a roaring sound,  this is a very unique natual phenomenon that can only be witnessed in a handful of places on the planet. From here we can climb the massive dunes, and see all the life around it.

In the evening we will stay in simple room within Jurta sor the national park.

Kazah Altyn Emel Np colored hills
Kazah Altyn Emel Np colored hills

Day 8: Altyn Emel National Park, Colored mountains, Almaty

Today we will explore other part of the  plateau, after 60 km we will reach  the colored mountains.  The unique rock formations are the result of the rock erosion, here we will walk along in the river valleys to fully enjoy the landscape.

In the evening we will arrive back to Almaty and we can take part of the nightlife.

Day 9: Almaty

Today we can rest and enjoy free programs. The highlight is the russian ortodox Zenkov cathedral in the Gorkij park. St Nikolas church, the presidental palace, monument of independence, National museum, Fine Art museum with the golden man. In the evening we can go to Opera or to he other theatre to soak in the high culture of the biggest city of Kazahstan.

kazah almaty, ortodox christian cathedral
kazah almaty, ortodox christian cathedral

Day 10: Almaty –Byskek (kirgizistan tour

Today you will fly out of the country or continue the journey with us to Kyrgizistan.

If you want to travel this year to Kazahstan with me, contact me for the details

our journey starts on 26th july-Aug.5th

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