Tajik Pamir journey

Tajik Pamír tour

Tajik, Rostakala, Shokh dara valley
Tajik, Rostakala, Shokh dara valley

Our journey will consist of 3 main blocks

1 Kazahstan National Parks from 26th july

2. Kyrgizistan from 5th aug

3. Tadzsikistan aug 18-sept 1

The heart of Central Asia – Tajik Pamir

Our 12 days journey across Pamir will be the most difficult and the most beautiful part of the trip.

We will follow a similar path as Marco Polo the famous

Tajik Pamir, khorog
Tajik Pamir, khorog


We will travel using 4×4 jeeps as there is no real public transport, infact its will be rare that we come across any cars at all since there are very few people inhabiting this region. We will do three smaller and one bigger trekkings reaching 3800 meters, we will go along wakhan valley, pamír highway crossing 4000 m. passes, we will participate in an Afghani market, we will meet very friendly and kind ismaili muslims here, stupas, rock carvings, hot springs, pilgrim places. We will stay in traditional pamiri houses. We will see kirgiz nomads on the eastern part of the Pamir who living in Jurtas, possible to horse ride, bath in hot springs, we will see geijser in action, and for sure lots of mountains around us.

Here are some photos to get you familiar with the region:

Tadzsik képek itt

Kirgiz képek itt

Tajik, Dushanbe
Tajik, Dushanbe

Day 1: Arriving to Dushanbe or to Murghab (If you are coming with me from Kirgizistan. Contact me earlier, regarding permissions etc.)

Get familiar with the old soviet style environment. We will take a small walk into the city center, preparing for the journey, buying some food, especiall different fruits for the journey. Also we will have time to arrange all the special permissions to visit Pamir.

Day 2: Dushanbe

Discovering the cultural heritage of the city, trolleys, alleys, national museum, opera, mosque, some other soc. barokk buildings.

Tajik, Wakhan area
Tajik, Wakhan area

Day 3: Departure to Pamir, Khorog

A full days long journey (aprox 10h) with amazing scenery around us. We will reach Khorog – the capital of Pamir, Badakshan autonomus region –

Day 4: Wakhan valley

We will start our jeep journey around Wakhan corridor, along the way we will view fascinating scenery on the tajik side of the Afghan border. This part of Afghanistan is peacefull, as the major population are not Pasthun. First stop is a Garam Chasma healing hot springs, here we can take a bath. Then we head back to the main road passing next to the preciouse stone mine, and then we reach

Tajik, Wakhan korridor, Garam Chasma hot spring
Tajik, Wakhan korridor, Garam Chasma hot spring

the Ishkasim afgan market at the border crossing on the land inbetween the two countries. We should be able to see some forts nearby as well.

Day 5: Wakhan valley, Baba Fatima hot spring, Yamg, Vrang, Langar

Today the first destination is the Fort Yamchum, then we will soak in the famous baba fatima hot springs. In the village Yamg there is some traditional graves with the skulls of goats.

Vrang is the place where we can see some stupas, as a witness to the age when buddism reached as far as Turkmenistan. There is some watermills in this village as well. We will sleep in Langar.

Tajik, Geisir, Bulun kul
Tajik, Geisir, Bulun kul

Day 6: Langar, Bulun kul

In Langar we can see lots of Rock paintings above the village. Then we will visit the grave of the sufi saint who brought islam into the region, this is a very famous pilgrimage site in Tajikistan.

Along the way we will cross some 3000+ passes, seeing a salt lake, then we will cross the pamir highway to reach our destination: Bulun kul. This undisturbed turkiz blue lake takes you back to the time of the nomads. You can still see kirgiz yurts people grazing animals, and collecting grass for the winter.

Here it will be possible to stay in Yurt as well.

Tajik Pamir, Murghab
Tajik Pamir, Murghab

Day 7: Alichur, Murghab

Today we will visit the lake, the hot springs, some historical remains, then near to the path we will witness the geyser eruptions, a sight you will never forget. Pristine mountaines, with nobody around but us and nature. Alichur village is 4000 m. above see level. Then we head back to the the Pamir Hway, eventuallz reaching Murghab through 4400meter passes.

Day 8: Murghab, Jelandy

We will make a short walk in this remote center of East Pamir, visiting the school, market, and the cultural house where there is a smal exhibition of the artistic crafts of the area. Then we will drive to Jelandy on the Pamir highway again, where we will have time to relax in the sanatory and pleasent thermal baths.

Tajik, Turuntai kul
Tajik, Turuntai kul

Day 9: Turuntai kul, lake trekking

In a half tundra like environment we will do a full day trek to the lake around 3500m ABSL. Aprox 7 hour walk, 700m. up. For those who cant walk that much, you can do smaller treks around the area or just rest in the thermal baths. In the evening we will socialize with the locals in the sanatory where we will spend the night again.

Day 10: Shokh Dara valley, Durum kul

Here we will see the simple pastoral village life, schools, daily routine of the Pamiri people. We will pass through some hot springs again, the ruins of forts, and on the way we will be to see the peak of Marx and Engels with their towering 6-7000 peaks. In the afternoon we will trek to Durum kul lake which is steep 2-3 hour walk 600m up.

Tajik, Durum kul
Tajik, Durum kul

Day 11: Durum kul, Rostaqala

After the lake visit, we will visit the fort of Rostaqala (Red fort) and the nearby falaj (irrigation ) systems in the mountaigne. In the afternoon we finally arrive back to Khorog, here we can rest in comfort, enjoying 24-7 electricity.

Day 12: Khorog, Bharatang valley

Today we can take an extra day to get to Bharatang valley, and we can make trek to the 4 lake area. We will leave the jeeps on the shore of the river, then start walking. Crossing the river, and walking upwards 700 meter, reaching tiny small villages in the mountains. In the evening we take a night drive to Dushanbe.

Day 13: Dushanbe

Reaching dushanbe and then flying out from the country that night or the next morning.

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